How did I end up here?

The first day of the new phase of my life has arrived. Here I am, sitting on the couch of EBU Lab in Minsk Mazowiecki, Poland, pondering on how I ended up here. I am feeling so calm that I can only wonder if I have actually realized yet that I have just left my cozy life in Finland and am, frankly speaking, homeless, unemployed and far away from my friends and family.

Traveling and living abroad has for my whole life been something I have been fully into. Thanks to my family, I had the privilege to travel already when I was a small kid. After that, it has been impossible to shut down my endless need to go and explore new places and cultures. Hence, I guess, somewhere deep down I knew already when starting my job in the banking sector and moving back to Finland right after my graduation in 2015 that eventually the day will come when I need to pack my bankers identity into my Deuter and follow my heart to new adventures.

Years passed and I enjoyed building my capacities in the ever-changing banking world – warm thanks to my absolutely fantastic colleagues and managers who believed in me! Even though it was sometimes extremely challenging, it has been amazing to develop my leadership and business development skills from the very beginning.

Though, this year I strongly felt the need to burst the bubble or I would be losing myself and be stuck in the rat race for good. I ended up not feeling very well and had to be put on a sick leave before I was ready to take the decision of doing something entirely different for now. As I came back to work after the summer, I announced my decision and was ready to start planning myself a different near future, where I could live by my values and learn more about myself in different contexts. Especially, I wanted to use the skills I had gained to help people in need and meanwhile learn more of who I am and what is my place in this world.

Friday was my last day at work for now and yesterday I took a flight to Poland, which is the first leg on my journey to learn more and discover what I want to do in the future. I am here for a 6-week volunteering project through European Solidarity Corps with the aim to provide intercultural education and events for the local kids and their families in the town of Minsk Mazowiecki. After that the next legs are yet to be confirmed but at some point in 2020 I will be hitting Australia to start a Working Holiday there.

Today the Pole celebrate their independence day so we will start the project preparation only tomorrow. Stay tuned and find out more of the project and my learnings during the first week in the next post!


  1. You should come to Canada! We would love to see you and point you in the direction of volunteer organizations and opportunities!


    1. Hi Jasmine! I’m so sorry I only now realized you had left a comment. I’m still learning how to use the page! I would love to see you too and I think it might be a good option at some point to come to Canada. I’ll keep you in mind when I make my next plans 🙂


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