The lessons I've learned thanks to coronavirus

When writing my previous post let alone when starting my international journey last November, I had no clue I would suddenly find myself back in Finland, but here I am - laying in my bed in Oulu, Finland. When taking on the journey, I knew to expect surprises and struggles but I did not see [...]

Bem-vindo ao Brasil!

It's 23 o'clock on Sunday evening and I'm laying on my bed in my room in the city of Aracaju in Brazil. The ventilator is giving me a small breeze to ease up the 32 Celsius heat. A few moments ago I finished today's training at the gym that is found on the other side [...]

Leaving Costa Rica dancing Letkajenkka

Long time, no see! February has been full of happenings and I’ve had a radio silence for a while. By now, I have finished my AIESEC volunteering in Costa Rica and made my way to Aracaju, Brazil where I’m about to start my third and for now last volunteering experience. I was also lucky enough [...]

How is my daily life being a volunteer in Costa Rica?

Time has been flying and a month has already passed since I arrived in Costa Rica. At the same time, it feels weird that I have only two weeks left before I hit Brazil for the next volunteering experience, but then again, I feel like it's been quite a while since I took my first [...]

The dark side of volunteering abroad

Today is one of the days when I really miss home. The beginning of the week has been rough, and things haven’t really been going the best way possible. During this and last week I have experienced many situations that have been conflicting with my personal values and right now I feel rather miserable. It [...]

How to make coffee like a true Costa Rican?

After some family time over the Christmas I have now made my way to the other side of the world to the lovely city of Cartago in Costa Rica. I arrived here on Friday and today was supposed to mark my first day of volunteering here. However, as I have learned during my other travels [...]

What did I learn when volunteering in Poland?

The volunteering project in Poland is over and I am comfortably sitting in a train towards Joensuu, Finland to spend Christmas with my beloved family. It’s surreal how quickly time passed while being in Poland and I can hardly believe the year is approaching its end and I'm already back in Finland (only till January [...]

Broken doorhandles and free hugs

The two weeks since my last post have passed in a snap of fingers and I am having hard time trying to decide how to summarize the essentials for you. During the past two weeks I have visited Krakow and Auschwitz, seen the real Finnish Santa Claus from Rovaniemi in Minsk Mazowiecki, celebrated the Finnish [...]

Pasta with jam, please!

The real work has definitely started and the honeymoon with the community life is over. The past two weeks have been packed with learning and new experiences. During these two weeks, I have among other things planned and held 36 intercultural sessions for kids and teenagers between the ages of 6-17 years working in pairs [...]


The first week in Poland with intensive training has passed and today marks the first day of working at the Polish schools. All in all, the experience has so far been absolutely amazing (stupefacente in Italian) but also very exhausting! Being surrounded by several different cultures and living in a combination of languages already by [...]