My blog is both a learning diary for myself and a source of encouragement for everyone who has dreams which require jumping into the unknown without knowing if their wings will be strong enough to carry them.

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  • The lessons I've learned thanks to coronavirus
    When writing my previous post let alone when starting my international journey last November, I had no clue I would suddenly find myself back in Finland, but here I am – laying in my bed […]
  • Bem-vindo ao Brasil!
    It’s 23 o’clock on Sunday evening and I’m laying on my bed in my room in the city of Aracaju in Brazil. The ventilator is giving me a small breeze to ease up the 32 […]
  • Leaving Costa Rica dancing Letkajenkka
    Long time, no see! February has been full of happenings and I’ve had a radio silence for a while. By now, I have finished my AIESEC volunteering in Costa Rica and made my way to […]


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